UPS Accessories

UPS Bypass Switches; PW-MBS

Installation of an external UPS maintenance bypass system allows system maintenance to be carried out quickly and safely without disruption to the protected load. The load is seamlessly transferred to mains supply and the UPS is completely isolated.

Powerworks UPS Bypass Switches

Key functions include:

  • collecting data from an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) by one of its serial ports
  • providing status information on a Web site accessible via the built-in Web server
  • executing user-defined events e.g. shut-down of a whole network of computers via RCCMD in case of a major power fail

The high flexibility of the UPSLink adapter allows:

  • user-notification via email, SMS, network messages
  • status reports and event histories
  • data analysis and visualization
  • scheduling of standard tasks
  • additional sensors and actuators on AUX port
  • optional MODBUS slave functionality

UPS Batteries

Powerworks will supply and install replacement batteries on any make and model of UPS system. This includes a disposal service in line with Certificate of Registration under the Control of Pollution [amendment] Act 1989. Powerworks is regulated by the Environment Agency. In addition we offer a full battery testing service using impedance metering to determine the precise condition of each and every battery.

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