As a back-up to the mains supply, Diesel powered standby generators offer a solution to ensure continuous operation for extended periods of time.

In the event of a mains failure, the generator controller will automatically sense the failure; send a signal for the generator to start, and transfer the load to the reserve generator supply.

While UPS will support the critical IT load, the generator will also provide a supply to critical equipment such as air-conditioning so as to prevent over- heating within the room.

Where additional resilience is required, primary and secondary generators provide the solution. A range of fuel tank capacities enable choices to be made on how long the installation will run in the absence of mains power.

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Permanent Installation Choices

1 – Housed in its own weatherproof acoustic canopy or in a container depending on the rating of the set, self-contained generator sets can be located outside the building, ideally in close proximity to the main building switchgear, and within the external plant compound.

2 – Alternatively and where the building has sufficient suitable internal space, an open set can be mounted within a dedicated Generator room, complete with exhaust and hot air ducting to external location, sound attenuation to meet any special requirements, and with fire cut-offs and fuel filling point all included within the design

Temporary Generator Hire

1 – Hire of a set to suit your load in the case of planned power shutdowns.

2 – Contract hire of 80kVA set only within 3 hours in case of emergency (annual contract).

The Powerworks technical team will advise you on the best approach, and in order to meet any custom local requirements, while also taking full responsibility for sizing, installing and maintaining the entire system.