Single Phase UPS

TWIN PRO 2 and TWIN RT 2 Series – Single Phase UPS Floor Standing or Rack Mountable from 700VA to 20KVA

The TWIN PRO 2 and TWIN RT 2 Series are on-line double conversion technology UPS, incorporating transformerless, high efficiency design, with Unity Power factor, low THD and compact design. All available with matching battery cabinets to meet your autonomy needs.

The TWIN RT 2 Series rack mounted or floor standing UPS from 700VA up to 10kVA can be configured with battery autonomy to suit your application and are all capable of being installed into your 19″ rack system.

Powerworks - Salicru UPS TWIN PRO 2
Powerworks - Salicru UPS TWIN RT 2

The TWIN PRO 2 floor standing UPS is a single phase input and output up to 10kVA. From 8-20kVA the UPS can be three phase or single phase input with single phase output, and can be paralleled to provide redundant power solutions.

The ADVANCE RT 2 Series is a range of UPS featuring line-interactive technology with sine-wave output voltage and convertible tower/rack format, the height being only 2U for all power ratings. In addition, its output power factor of 0.9 and compatibility with APFC (active power factor correction) type loads make it the best option for any type of load that requires protection.

Powerworks - Salicru UPS ADVANCE RT 2

Ideal for smaller comms rooms, server rooms and stand alone comms or server racks.