Power Supply and Distribution

Powerworks - Power Supply and Distribution

Powerworks design team will cover all aspects of electrical supply and distribution, from the main building supply right through to powering the equipment racks.

Whether or not there is an existing spare breaker in the main panel to power the new facility, Powerworks team of electrical engineers will establish the best method of installing a new supply if required. Dedicated LV power and distribution panels complete with automatic changeover switch between mains supply or supplies, and generator(s) are custom designed to exactly match the project requirements.

Steel Wired Armoured (SWA) cable to BS5467 or BS6724 with copper conductors, XLPE (cross linked Polythene) high temperature insulation, steel wire armour and PVC sheath all independently earthed will provide power to the data centre.

Powerworks - Power Supply and Distribution Installation Maintenance Emergency
Powerworks - Power Supply and Distribution Maintenance Installation Emergency

UPS Bypass panels for single or multiple UPS will be provided to allow the UPS systems to be bypassed without disruption to the critical load.

Dedicated UPS backed PDUs or Power Distribution Units offer breaker protection for every circuit run to the racks.

Using SY Computer room grade cable provides power from the PDU to the racks, with a steel wire braid which serves to provide a high level of mechanical protection as well as shielding to prevent corruption in data cabling run nearby.

Each circuit is terminated in IEC 60309 commando style sockets, into which power strips (also referred to as rack PDUs) can be plugged to allow individual servers and IT hardware to be supplied.

Powerworks is NIC EIC approved, and all electrical works are fully certified.

Powerworks - Power Supply and Distribution Emergency Installation Maintenance
Powerworks - Power Supply and Distribution Installation Emergency Maintenance