Generator Maintenance

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In this hi-tech age we rely more and more upon computer and electronic systems and as a result we must ensure there is a reliable power supply or suffer the consequences; such as loss of data or loss of communications with a resultant loss in revenue; or in those establishments providing medical support services, the possibility of the loss of life.

Standby generator systems provide a solution but to ensure they come on line during a power failure these systems need to be maintained.

Preventative maintenance and servicing is vital in ensuring generators perform correctly when the mains power supply fails.

Most people do not have the time or technical expertise to carry out this task and only give the equipment a cursory check or at best run it up now and again. Consequently when the equipment is needed it often fails due to the varying number of faults liable to occur when it is only used intermittently.

Powerworks Maintenance Services offers the facility of generator and associated equipment maintenance throughout the United Kingdom.