Rack and Aisle Containment

Powerworks Rack and Aisle Containment Airflows in Contained Cold AisleCold aisle containment significantly increases the efficiency of the installed air-conditioning system. By eliminating the mixing of hot air with cold, there is precise temperature control of the air reaching the racks. Since the enclosed cold aisle forms part of the ‘cold air’ plenum – together with the underfloor area, cold air delivered to the tops of the racks is at virtually the same temperature as the air delivered to the bottom of the racks. The warm air returned to the CRAC units is at a higher temperature while the air blown under the floor does not need to be cooled as much, so there are very significant efficiency savings.

Since the AC units take their control from sensors mounted in the cold aisle, very precise temperature control is achieved.

With clear roof panels and sliding access doors either end of the row of racks, lighting into the cold area isn’t affected, and security can be enhanced.

Retrofitting of cold aisle containment can be achieved on existing racks, irrespective of whether they are all of the same or different sizes, so this solution is equally applicable for new builds or refurbishment projects.

Achievable Energy Savings of 14-16% repay the costs of Cold Aisle Containment in under 2 years!