Air Conditioning and Cooling

Powerworks Indoor CRAC Unit Outdoor Combined Condenser and Cooling Unit
Powerworks partners with a major global AC manufacturer to install the latest technologies and most reliable equipment into your data centre.

Energy saving is at the heart of our approach, and the selection of the most efficient air conditioning system available within the budget is a vital in ensuring maximum cost savings in the running of the data centre.

We always recommend a resilient air conditioning solution, with full n+1 redundancy to ensure maintainability of the system, and to minimise the risk of high temperature interrupting service or shutting servers down.

Powerworks - Air Conditioning - InRak CoolingIndoor CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units are located within the room, and with the latest EC (electronically commutated) fans installed, air-flows can be maintained but carefully controlled to ensure precise temperature control. EC fans enable savings of 14-16% over traditional CRAC units. We currently most frequently install in-row AC units within an enclosed aisle solution.

The choice of standard DX or the latest ‘Free-Cooling’ outdoor heat-exchangers enable further energy savings of up to 50%, particularly in combination with an enclosed cold-aisle racking system.

The additional costs for energy efficient air conditioning solutions are typically paid back within 1.5-2 years, and often for public bodies funding is available from such bodies as SALIX enable this investment without impacting on available budget. For commercial enterprises, tax breaks minimise the impact, while enhancing companies Green credential

With a wealth of experience in installing such systems, Powerworks design team will work with you to achieve optimal cooling to fully protect your IT Investment.

Optimal cooling fully protects your IT