UPS Systems

Selecting the correct UPS system designed to meet your business requirements is critical. In the event of a power failure, an Uninterrupted Power Supply system will provide clean, continual power until the mains is restored or the back-up generator starts up.

At Powerworks our experienced technical sales engineers are at hand to assist you in deciding on the most suitable equipment to fit. We offer a comprehensive range of our own products further supported by our Powerworks Full UPS Service.

Considerations such as levels of redundancy, autonomy time, future growth projections, ability to monitor the equipment – all form part of the initial discussions to determine the most appropriate way forward.

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Full UPS Service

Our inclusive service offers a site survey; extensive UPS recommendations through to complete project management; electrical installation; software integration, plus an on-going maintenance contract of your choice. If you need UPS related products such as generators, maintenance by-pass switches or remote monitoring equipment, Powerworks will provide the solutions.

Single Phase UPS

The TWIN PRO series is an on-line double conversion technology UPS, incorporating transformerless, high efficiency design, with Unity Power factor, low THD and compact design. All available with matching battery cabinets to meet your autonomy needs.

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Three Phase UPS

Powerworks new DSP controlled Cube 3 series offers IGBT input / output and transformer-less technology ensuring near ‘Unity’ power factor, saving energy with efficiency of 94% even at low load, and reducing the size of the electrical supply required.

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UPS Accessories

Installation of an external UPS maintenance bypass system allows system maintenance to be carried out quickly and safely without disruption to the protected load. The load is seamlessly transferred to mains supply and the UPS is completely isolated.

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Marine Rated UPS

On-board ship, it is vital to maintain power to critical systems such as Transitional and Clean-net systems. Fully Marine rated and Lloyds certified UPS systems are available to meet exacting specifications.

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