UPS and Generator Sales

Whether you require a new 400kVA parallel UPS System to support your critical datacentre or a 10kVA Rack-mounted UPS to support your Comms equipment, if you require an Standby Diesel Generator to ensure 24 hour operation or need advice on the most resilient power supply and distribution solutions, our experienced sales engineers are ready to be of assistance.

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Data Centre Design & Build

Our team has been building datacentres for over 15 years and are experts in providing fully integrated solutions incorporating the most energy efficient equipment including Air-Conditioning, UPS Systems, Backup Generators, Fire Suppression systems, Server Racks including hot or cold aisle containment, raised access flooring, door entry systems, power supply and distribution.

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Maintenance & Emergency

Powerworks offer Maintenance and Emergency Service of UPS Systems, Generators, Air-conditioning systems, Fire Suppression. Our own highly regarded team of engineers have all the skills to resolve almost any issue, respond quickly in case of emergency and will keep all your critical Backup systems and Datacentre Infrastructure equipment running at optimal levels.

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Data Centre Design and Build

Powerworks are leading experts in the design, construction, fit-out, commissioning and maintenance of computer rooms and data centres. With an absolute focus on providing an integrated solution offering energy efficient solutions, utilising the latest technologies available to minimise carbon footprint, and ensuring maximum resilience with Tier 2 to Tier 4 options to ensure dual power […]

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As a back-up to the mains supply, Diesel powered standby generators offer a solution to ensure continuous operation for extended periods of time. In the event of a mains failure, the generator controller will automatically sense the failure; send a signal for the generator to start, and transfer the load to the reserve generator supply.

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UPS Systems

Selecting the correct UPS system designed to meet your business requirements is critical. In the event of a power failure, an Uninterrupted Power Supply system will provide clean, continual power until the mains is restored or the back-up generator starts up. At Powerworks our experienced technical sales engineers are at hand to assist you in […]

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